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Casio PRG-240-1DR ProTrek Tough Solar Titanyum Compass Barometre Termometre Altimetre Kol Saati ÖZENSAAT İZMİR

Stok Kodu : PRG-240-1DR
Liste Fiyatı (KDV DAHİL) : 750,48 TL
İndirimli Fiyatı (KDV DAHİL) : 684 TL 
Kazancınız : 66 TL
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Casio PRG-240 ProTrek Tough Solar Titanyum Compass Barometre Termometre Altimetre Kol Saati



Basic Info
  Case: Resin
  Accuracy per month: ±15 sec
  Battery Type: Recharge
  Battery Life: SOLAR
  EL: Blue Green
Function and Feature
Full Auto EL Backlight - Automatically deactivates the Auto EL Backlight function when surrounding light is sufficient, and activates it under dim light or dark condition. Compass - A built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north. Altitude Measurement - A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is converted to relative altitude. Barometric Pressure Measurement - A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is shown on the display. Temperature Measurement - A built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature. Solar Power - A solar cell provides power for operation.
Duplex LCD - Two liquid crystal make it possible to select from among different display patterns. World Time - Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world. R: Current time in major cities around the world. Values indicate number of cities/areas. Sunrise, Sunset Time Display - Sunrise and sunset times are dispalyed based on your current latitude and longitude. Stopwatch - Accurate measurement of elapsed time with the touch of a button. The fraction indicates the unit of measurement, while the time figure indicates the maximum time measurement. Timer - Counts down from a start time specified by you. The value indicates the number of timers available, while the time figure indicates the maximum starting time. "REPEAT" indicates Auto Repeat, which automatically restarts timing at the end of each countdown. Daily Alarm, Hourly Time Signal - The daily alarm sounds each day at the time you set. The value indicates how many daily alarms are available. The hourly time signal causes the watch to beep every hour on the hour.
Battery Level Indicator - Indicator shows the current battery level. Full Auto Calendar - Allowances are made automatically for months of different lengths, including leap year. 12/24-hour Timekeeping - Times can be displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format. Button operation tone on/off Low-Temperature Resistant - The timekeeping module is designed for operation at very low temperatures. The value indicates the lowest temperature at which the module will operate. *-10°C resistance does not apply to the direction sensor. Water Resistant - The "BAR" value indicates the number of atmospheres to which water resistance is ensured. 10 BAR means water resistance to 10 atmospheres. Watches marked "100m" have the same water resistance as 10 BAR watches.
Mineral Glass - Hard glass resists scratching. Direction Bezel - This bezel can be used to determine approximate directions. Resin Band
Specification - 3246
Package Back Engraving Tough Solar



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